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Frequently Asked Questions:



What gear do I need to bring?

Be sure to pack your cold weather and rain gear! Most hunter bring wool pants, water proof jacket, waterproof boots, pants, wool socks, hat, gloves, sun glasses, sleeping bag, binoculars, etc. NO COTTON Outerwear.


Do I need to get lodging in Nome?

In the SPRING you need to arrive in Nome a day before your hunt and make lodging arrangements. The 4-hour snowmobile ride to camp will commence the following day. At the end of your hunt you will also need to make lodging arrangements in Nome the night before your flight. Alaska weather is sometimes extreme and may require adjustments to your transportation schedule.


In the FALL transportation is much more predictable. We will drive to camp the day you fly in. Usually hunters will plan on staying a night in Nome on their last hunting day, then fly out the following morning. Keep in mind that if you harvest a bear on a weekend you will be required to have your bear inspected by the Nome Fish and Game on a weekday (not open on the weekends). 


Is there laundry available?



Is there an internet Wi-Fi connection available?



Is there cellular phone service?



Do I need a sleeping bag?

Yes, don't forget! 


Is there hot water?



Do I need to bring a rifle?



What if I don't harvest a bear?

We do our best to make sure each hunter harvests a bear but there are no guarantees on hunts


What if I forget something?

There is a shopping center not too far away with odds and ends. Try not to forget anything major


How do I get to hunting camp?

In the SPRING we will make the 4-hour trip to camp by snowmobile. Usually hunters get into Nome in the evening, stay the night at a motel, then we take off early the following morning.


In the FALL we will travel by pickup truck. Usually hunters get into Nome in the evening and we drive straight to camp.  


Are meals provided?

Yes. Please let us know if you have any food allergies. 


How do I get my hunting license(s)?

Please purchase your hunting licenses online (Alaska non-resident hunting license and non-resident grizzly brown bear locking tag). Licenses can also be purchased at the Nome Fish and Game office as a last resort. This is an Undersubscribed Drawing permit area so you are required to submit a Undersubscribed Hunt Application ASAP upon booking your hunt. (more information) 


What is the process after I harvest a bear?

All harvested animals need to be check through the local Fish and Game office. The Fish and Game office is not open on the weekends so please keep in mind that if you harvest a bear late Friday evening or over the weekend, you will need to have your bear checked the following Monday, or next available day that the Fish and Game is open. 



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