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What our Hunters have to say:




Dear Krist;


I am writing to thank you for the incredible experience you provided me hunting Brown Bears in Alaska this past August (2015). I know fall hunting had not previously been a part of your repertoire of offered hunts- your flexibility in creating a hunt that both worked for me and could be productive was very much appreciated. Your history of spring hunting over the same terrain has translated well into the fall and I am sure future fall hunts and hunters will have similar success and satisfaction with you as their guide.


I had fun learning about the town of Council, Alaska. Amazing what was once there given the current small settlement. Quite a history of gold mining. The old machinery dotting the landscape has such an intriguing quality and is a fascinating part of the ambiance. I enjoyed how you have integrated yourself into the community, it is clear that the folks there need to rely on each other from time to time. It was enjoyable to meet some of your local contacts. The cabin accommodations were perfect for me as a solo hunter, and clearly you have the ability to support multiple hunters. Nice balance of rustic simplicity and comfort to look forward to after hunting.


I am still blown away at the expansiveness of the zones you have access to hunt. This is really beautiful country, with nearly an unlimited number of valleys and hill sides to support wild life, and particularly bears. The ability to utilize the roads, ATV trails and river makes for a lot of hunting scenarios. Funny to think you could look down at the ground at almost any moment and find a gold nugget. I still find myself day dreaming about some of the incredible valleys, especially the one where I shot my bear. 


The small details you helped to work out really mattered to me. This includes taking care of me from the time I reached Nome until I left. The ability to help me arrange my bear permit with the local Wildlife and Parks people in Nome prior to my arrival minimized any uncertainty for me about being able to hunt once I arrived.  Of course preparing my skull and hide for transport home was a key to my preserving this trophy on its way to the taxidermist. I appreciated how you had worked with the local regulatory folks to have a contingency for me in the event I had needed to leave the skull and hide with you for sealing (certification). Knowing recent changes in transportation requirements also prevented the need for an awkward change in my plans or having to repackage and prepare the hide as I left Nome. 


I look forward to having the chance to hunt with you again. If another prospective hunter would like to hear from a satisfied past fall hunter I would be happy to accommodate this. 



Robin Scott Horrell

Billings, MT


"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Mr. Krist Zwerneman. In 2005 a friend and I booked a brown bear hunt on Hitchenbrook Island near Cordova with an outfitter who Krist was serving in the role of assistant guide. In all honesty, the hunt was not as it had been depicted by the outfitter. We were minus one boat, started a day late, had severe mechanical problems with the undersized boat we did have, and found on our arrival that we could go no further inland than the tide line to hunt. A poor start, but buyer beware. The saving grace, and there was only one, was Krist Zwerneman! Krist guided both myself and my hunting partner to nice trophies that were taken within the limited area we had to hunt. Krist obeyed the game laws to the letter, conducted a safe hunt, and his upbeat attitude was the highlight of the " adventure." Having spent my entire life in the hunting business serving as guide, outfitter, booking agent, and far traveling hunter myself, I am well suited to the task of judging competence in the field, in all it's many forms. Krist excels in every area necessary to conduct hunting and guiding excursions in Alaska. That includes bushcraft, knowledge of the game, grasp of and adherence to the game laws, and the right personality, a must have in the professional hunting game. I would not hesitate to hunt again with Krist, and look forward to that reality one day. This young man will be a fine addition to the long line of men who hold the title of Full Guide in the great state of Alaska. If you would like to speak to me in person, I would be more than happy to go over my experience with Krist in detail. I thank you for your time and careful consideration of this fine young man Warmest Regards"


Dave Fulson 

Safari Classics Productions

"I personally have been hunting in Alaska on multiple occasions and have experienced both the ups and downs of what can happen during a hunting outing.  In that, when hunting with Krist, it has been my experience that I was not only extremely pleased with his performance as a guide but also with his many other abilities surrounding his vast outdoorsman knowledge and skill.


Due to Krist expansive knowledge of the not only the outdoors but his ability to make the proper preparations as it relates to being outside in potentially extreme conditions, he produces a more then safe environment of all involved.


Krist, when hunting with him, was able to care for our need to eat, stay secure form the elements as well as the wildlife while at the same time creating an atmosphere of camaraderie


In our time with Krist, he has proven himself to be a person whom highly respects the land in which we are blessed to have been hunting on as well as treating the wildlife, while on the hoof or after they have been harvested, with the utmost care and respect.


I have personally been on many hunts that has literally taken me around the world multiple times.  Considering my extensive hunting experiences, I feel that I am qualified to express that, Krist is one of the most qualified men to be considered a guide I’ve had the pleasure to have been associated with within the hunting community and would hunt with him again without hesitation."



Respectfully submitted by,


Robert A. Allen

"I am writing to you today to recommend Krist Zwerneman as a professional hunting guide. I had the pleasure of hunting with Krist in the spring of 2010 on a grizzly bear hunt in remote Nome, Alaska.  He is talented, reliable and skilled.


During our hunt, Krist demonstrated a vast knowledge of Alaska’s big game species’ habits and strong field talents. With his exceptional camp cooking abilities, great problem-solving skills, and charismatic personality, Krist is a valuable addition to any hunt. In fact, he averted a near disaster on our hunt when my snow machine stopped working. It was his quick thinking and improvisation that got both my machine and me safely back to camp in a single trip.


It is with great confidence that I recommend Krist to anyone who is looking for an accomplished, registered, big game hunting guide in Alaska."




George K. Kollitides

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Remington Outdoor Company



"I would highly recommend Krist Zwerneman as outdoor guide in the state of Alaska. I have had extensive experience hunting in Alaska over the last

25 years both guided and unguided. Krist exemplifies himself as a guide having expert taxidermy skills, outdoor and survival skills as well as people skills necessary to accommodate hunters and fishermen of all skill levels. He is an outstanding cook also. I hunted brown bears with Krist in the Cordova area, as he was an assistant guide. I was successful and highly enjoyed the experience with Krist. I would not hesitate to recommend or hunt under him again in the future.  Please do not hesitate to call if you need further information."




Johnny McAlister

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