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Grizzly Bear Hunts:

Trophy Alaskan Grizzly Bear
Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt 8
Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt 9_edited
Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt 10
Boone and Crocket Grizzly Bear Hunt
Blondie Grizzly Bear
Monster Alaskan Brown Bear Hunts
unnamed (2)
unnamed (1)
Largest Grizzly Bear Shot - 2
Grizzly Bear Hunting in Alaska
Monster Brown Bear Alaska
Hunt Grizzly Bear AK
Hunting Brown Bear AK
Giant Brown Bear Alaska
Silver Brown Bear Hunts Alaska
Huge Alaska Brown Bear
Dr Robin Horrell - Fall Grizzly
Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunt
Monster Alaska Brown Bear
Brown Bear Hide

Welcome! Our guided Grizzly Bear hunts start on approximately April 15th. We have three 7-day hunts available each spring (April - May) and two 7-day hunts in the fall (August). There is a max of two hunters per hunt. Each hunt will be a max of 7 days, the first day of hunting starts the day we go to camp (hunting along the way) and ends on the 7th day on our way back to Nome. If you harvest a bear early then your hunt is considered over. During your hunt, if you choose, you may also shoot a wolf and/or wolverine if the opportunity arises (separate license(s) required).


Typical Hunting: A typical day hunting for Grizzly Bear consists of using snow machines to look for dens and glassing high slopes and valleys.


Lodging: After a long day of hunting guests will stay in a heated cabin, sleeping in comfortable beds. Please bring your sleeping bag.


Food: Your guide is also usually your cook and they know how to mix up some awesome wild game meals. Please let us know if you have any food allergies.


Licenses: Our hunt area (22b/22c) is a draw area (DB685) and requires hunters get an Undersubscribed Hunt permit to harvest a bear. There is usually many of these permits available (click for more information) but please get your application submitted ($0) as soon as possible after booking your hunt. Please purchase your Alaska non-resident hunting license ($160) and non-resident grizzly/brown bear locking tag ($1000) online before you arrive.


Transportation of You and Your Trophy: Your hides and skulls will be taken care of professionally, so you can take them home with you. Please keep in mind that your bear needs to be inspected by the Nome Fish and Game office before you leave. The Fish and Game office is not open on weekend. If you harvest your bear on a weekend you may need to change your return flight to the following Monday evening or Tuesday morning. If you need to make lodging arrangements in Nome check with the Aurora Inn & Suites, the Nome Nugget Inn or the Polaris Hotel


Recommended Gear: Be sure to bring your best cold weather gear, binoculars, goggles, face mask, wool socks, wool pants (or Gore-Tex). Please try to limit your gear to 75 lbs.


Rifle:  It is recommended to use a large caliber rifle while hunting grizzly bears, 300 win mag or larger. Remove grease and oil from your bolt assembly and action. Bring at least two boxes of ammo.


Alcohol: If you would like to partake in any adult beverages please feel free to bring them. Please drink responsibly.


Harvesting a Grizzly Bear is not guaranteed.


If you would like to setup a Grizzly Bear hunt please see our Registration Page for availability.

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